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Danilo Perez Foundation

How do you get people interested in music education in this uncertain environment?

About the Danilo Perez Foundation

The Danilo Perez Foundation was born in 2015 in Panama. Its mission is sustainable human development through music education. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for young people to develop their full potential and lead productive lives. It is a foundation with international projection, recognized and valued, which promotes a center that offers tutoring, training, and musical stimulation to talented children and young people, regardless of their socioeconomic status, in order to become music professionals and exemplary citizens.

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The Challenge

  • The year 2020 presented a series of challenges at all levels, not only in terms of health but at the social, economic, family, and personal levels.
  • For the Danilo Perez Foundation, the main challenge was how to continue its educational work with the closure of educational and cultural centers worldwide.
  • Like many institutions, the process of digitally transforming the Foundation and migrating classes and educational activities to the online world was accelerated.
  • But how do we get people interested in music education in such an uncertain environment?

The Solution

  • At critical times, priorities change. Each person faced confinement in a different way. For some, finding those dreams on hold was vital to move forward. For many, this break meant finally having time to do something different.
  • Among so many online courses on offer, some made the decision to start studying a musical instrument or resumed their musical studies.
  • Being at the moment of decision and connecting with this audience was key for the Danilo Perez Foundation. Thanks to the study and knowledge of the target audience, it was possible to positively impact this segment and connect with them, in the appropriate digital channels and with an emotional and effective message

The Results

  • The results obtained thanks to the implementation of marketing actions focused on content marketing strategies such as social media marketing, SEO, and email marketing, were positive.
  • More than 25 free master classes for music students and professional musicians are given by national and international artists.
  • Free workshops for children ages 3 to 11 years old.
  • More than 150 students participate in online live music classes from different countries.
  • Virtual concerts with national and international artists.

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