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French Alliance of Panama

How do you get people interested in enrolling in the Alliance Française de Panama’s online French courses?


About the French Alliance of Panama

The Alliance Française is a network of 1080 institutions spread over five continents and present in 137 countries. The first was created in 1883 in Paris by prestigious members such as Louis Pasteur, Jules Verne, and Ferdinand de Lesseps, followed by Barcelona and Mexico in 1884. The largest network is located in Latin America with 250 associations. Among its main objectives are:

  • Offer French courses adapted to all audiences.
  • Improve and develop access to French culture.
  • Promote cultural diversity and dialogue between cultures.

The Alliance Française of Panama was created in 1951 as a non-profit association, thanks to the support of personalities of the country with the intention of promoting the French language and the French-speaking culture and fostering a dynamic of cultural exchanges. Today, the Alliance Française de Panama has more than 500 students and is gaining more and more acceptance and strength in terms of French language studies.

logo alianza francesa de panama

The Challenge

  • The Alliance Française de Panama has been a meeting point, not only for the teaching of French but also as a house of culture.

  • Therefore, 2020 was a year full of challenges, where the Alliance Française de Panama sought ways to migrate to the digital world and continue its educational and cultural work.

  • The outlook for 2021 is not so encouraging due to the economic crisis that is affecting many people.

  • How do you get people interested in enrolling in the Alliance Française de Panama’s online French courses?

The Solution

  • At the end of 2020, with the change of direction at the Alliance Française de Panama, they decided to seek advice for the creation of a digital marketing plan with the objective of promoting the online French courses.

  • For this purpose, an analysis of the digital positioning of the Alliance Française de Panama was carried out, as well as the possible competitors.

  • Market research was also conducted to learn more about the students, their motivations for studying the language, and their preferences, among others.

The Results

  • The results obtained through the implementation of content marketing actions included in the plan were positive. Advertising strategies were implemented in social media, Google Ads, improvements to the website, and activities such as the online open house.

  • This allowed us to recruit 576 people who filled out the form to receive information about French courses, during the months of January to March 2021. Student enrollment amounted to 512 students during this period.

Contacts captured (leads) in the first quarter

Students enrolled during the first quarter

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